A Street Accident Paragraph For All class student

A Street Accident Paragraph: A street accident has become a common incident in Bangladesh. We can find the news of road accidents every day in the dailies. The day before yesterday I had a very sad experience of a street accident. I was going to the State Bank Colony. When I reached the main gate of … Read more

A Bus Stand Paragraph For All Class Student

A Bus Stand Paragraph: A bus stand is a place where buses stop so that the passengers may get down from and get into them. It is usually a crowded place. At some bus-stands, there are sheds for the passengers. There are small shops of snacks, books, and magazines at the stop. Hawkers. porters and … Read more

A village Doctor paragraph in English

A village doctor Paragraph writes a paragraph on “A village Doctor”. Your A village Doctor paragraph should include the answers to the following question : a. Who is a village doctor? b. Where does a village doctor live? c. Where does he sits? d. What is his qualification? e. How is his dispensary? f. How … Read more

A Traffic Police Paragraph for students

A Traffic Police paragraph: A traffic police is a familiar Figure in a city. Traffic police control the movements of people and vehicles on the roads. He puts on a uniform. It consists of khaki trousers, a blue shirt, and a white helmet. He uses a white umbrella to protect himself from the scorching heat … Read more