When buying a new vehicle, you need to take out car insurance. The compulsory Motor TPL policy is a duty for every driver. This can be accompanied by ancillary guaranteestheft-fireKaskovandalismglassroadside assistance. Until just over ten years ago, insuring the second car involved huge costs. Since 2007, thanks to the Bersani Decree, second car insurance with the same owner has its advantages instead.

Second car insurance: Bersani Law

The Bersani Law n. 40/2007 introduced important changes to ensure the second car. In fact, this allows inheriting the merit class of the policy. By doing so, the cost of car insurance is bound to drop considerably. When you buy a new car, it is, in fact, possible to take out a policy starting not from the fourteenth class but the lowest one belonging to a member of your family unit. It is not a question of having two insurances for the same car, but ensuring the second car with the same owner: is this formula really worthwhile?

Bersani law: how it works

For double car insurance to be valid, certain conditions must be met. The Bersani Law is applicable if:

  • Both holders are natural persons.
  • The car to be insured is in the name of a member of the family unit
  • The vehicle is the second vehicle of the family unit
  • Whoever gives up the class of merit appears in the family status
  • Whoever transfers the CU is up to date with the insurance payment
  • The transfer of the class of merit is made between vehicles of the same type

To inherit the bonus-malus merit class in second car insurance, therefore, it must be passed from vehicles of the same type: from car to car or from motorcycle to motorcycle. If father and son, or any other member of the family unit (mother and son, wife and husband, etc …) respectively drive cars and motorbikes, it is not possible to benefit from the double insurance discounts.

Insurance for two cars with the same owner: when it is convenient

As we have seen, the Bersani law entitles you to substantial discounts on the car insurance policy. Inheriting that of a cohabiting family member allows you to lower the cost of car insurance 14 class significantly. However, it is unlikely that the two holders will pay the same amount. This happens because several factors affect the final price of car insurance, such as:

  • Driver’s age and experience
  • Claims history

If we think about parent-child insurance, for example, very often the latter will pay more. Although he is not necessarily a novice driver, it is assumed that his experience behind the wheel is limited in time. Those who have been in first class for years will likely get a lower insurance premium.

When should you rely on the Bersani second car insurance law? There is no single answer to this question. If you inherit a deficient merit class, there is no doubt about the choice. If, on the other hand, the second contractor finds himself entering from a higher class, the operation risks not being so advantageous. The car insurance cost of class 14 is not necessarily higher than that of class 10 or 9. For this reason, it is always advisable and recommended to make several estimates before making a decision. On our site, you can compare the best online offers of the moment. By inserting a few data, you will have a response commensurate with your choices. The returned quote will remain valid for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to evaluate and validate.