In recent times, more and more people are deciding to buy an insurance policy directly from the internet. But how to move to avoid running into scams? On the IVASS website (formerly Isvap), there are useful recommendations for purchasing a policy on the internet in a safe and fast way, thus avoiding entering into a contract with a non-authorized and unreliable company! The site provides the user with a list of duly authorized companies to enter into the contract. However, it is always a good practice, before taking out a policy, to carefully read the information notes and the conditions offered by the insurance.


Useful Tips

Therefore, if you intend to take out any insurance policy and via the Internet, you will need:

  • keep in mind that there is always the possibility of coming into contact with operators not regularly authorized!  Therefore, in case of doubt, to check the actual identity of the company, it is possible to call the IVASS customer toll-free number (800-486661);
  • consult  the list of companies  with registered office in another Member State of the European Union admitted to operating in Italy, published quarterly in the Official Gazette;
  • consult the list of Italian and foreign companies admitted to operating in Italy. In any case, this list has a purely informative purpose and therefore does not fulfil the function of “legal advertising”, which remains proper to its publication in the Official Gazette.
  • Avoid contracting insurance policies with foreign companies that are not allowed to carry on business in Italy: in fact, otherwise, you risk purchasing coverage that does not comply with the provisions of Italian laws, especially those that regulate the RCA, and of breaking, unwittingly, tax or insurance regulations!
  • Carefully read the information notes before signing the contract because they provide essential information about its products. The information notes must necessarily be sent by the company before the contract conclusion, on paper or in an electronic format that can be written on various durable media (floppy disk, CD, computer hard disk… ..).
  • Check in the information note what is the law applicable to the contract. That is the law that each judge, regardless of whether they are Italian or foreign, will apply in the event of a potential dispute. If the law is not the Italian one and the foreign law that the company proposes to choose is not well known, there will be greater difficulties dealing with a possible dispute. IVASS is a body competent to examine policyholders’ claims only if the law applicable to the contract is the Italian one!
  • Carefully check when the insurance coverage starts. The contract must, however, be delivered on paper.
  • Remember that for motor liability insurance, in addition to the contract, the company must issue the mark and the insurance certificate (in original) within 5 days of paying the premium. While waiting to receive these documents and avoid fines, the premium payment receipt must be applied to the vehicle, which the insurer will be obliged to issue promptly.
  • Check on the site the details of your registration in the register of agents or broker if and when you contact the site of an agent or an insurance broker.

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