Do you want to start your own online business and are running out of ideas? From its creation until now, the internet has become an almost essential tool, and its importance is growing in our society. With the rapid rise of the internet, a multitude of online business ideas has seen and continues to emerge. Discover in this article 20 profitable online business ideas.

Profitable online business ideas: start by changing your mindset

The website creation, the creation of applications, online training are all profitable online business ideas that continue to cartoon. However, before getting to the heart of the matter, here are the essential steps to adopt if you plan to invest in the online business and make it profitable afterwards:


1. Time 

To start your business well, you must, above all, be persevering and also give yourself enough time. Because getting started on the internet can be time-consuming and maddening. It is, therefore, preferable to prepare mentally to take up the challenge and to set the profitability of the said activity as an objective.

2. Skills 

Before starting any online business, you need to get all the necessary information about the business you want to make profitable. Indeed, working online requires technique. It is simply a question of taking the time to learn about the business that you want and also to ask for help from qualified or competent people.


20 profitable online business ideas 

It should be noted that not every online business is profitable from the start. It is as it progresses while having respected the conditions that you will perceive the substance and the form of your hard work.

Whoever talks about online business talks about profitable ideas. Here is a summary of 20 profitable online business ideas that will help you effectively develop an internet business, whether full-time or in parallel with your job.

1. Create a real estate ad website on the internet

The creation of this site must take into account the geographical situation in which we find ourselves. Thus individuals and real estate agencies will be your customers. Also, the analysis of prices and trends in this sector will be the major goal of the business.

In other words, you set the percentage of your earnings according to the demand of your customers. This requires a good mastery of the real estate sector but is not impossible to achieve.

2. Create an online training space

You can generate a pretty good income with this idea. You have to sell training courses on a subject that you master through videos or video tutorials, for example. Then, time and effort will be the assets required to produce quality videos to increase its clientele and generate maximum profits.

To sell your training online, you can use software such as Système IO, a French software ( 30 days free here ), or click funnels, an English software but easily understandable ( 14 days free here ). this two software allow you to create automated online sales systems. You can thus create sales pages, member areas to welcome your customers and deliver courses.

3. Create specialized websites on lodges and guest rooms

Various sites offer their accommodation services, such as Booking, Airbnb, etc. These will allow you to make your accommodation available to your customers. All entirely online to make your business profitable and optimize your budget.

4. Create a YouTube channel and make a living from it

With the arrival of YouTube, it is clear that there is a great deal of traffic on this application. This platform is, in fact, a vast network of videos which makes it possible to generate enough income depending on the number of views and the quality of the video that we produce. It has very quickly become a profitable online business from its inception until now.

5. Give distance learning support courses

From the end of the 90s, the market for tutoring courses has grown significantly. This influx is because some parents of students worry about the future of their children because of the school system, which is particularly based on competition and selection by marks.

However, with the advancement of technology, it has been possible to create an online system that allows tutoring to be offered online. The quality of education will determine the profitability of this business. In addition to being profitable, it is an activity that can be done actively or passively. In other words, you are free to set your hourly volume at your convenience.

6. Start a dropshipping store

Dropshipping has become a great business model for starting your online business on a budget. Also, it is not necessary to have a warehouse full of goods to start an online business. Thanks to a computer and an internet connection, everything is done.

7. Sell artistic works and own creations online

An essential and profitable business, you could, for example, sell your work in various forms. In particular in the form of prints, canvases, or framed posters using certain applications or sites such as Printify or Printful. It’s a great way to turn your art into gain. Also, if it is the music that you are passionate about, you can sell your songs, melodies, sound effects on streaming sites or others as digital downloads.

To make your creations available to your customers, you have the choice between creating your own site and that of selling on specialized e-commerce sites such as eBay, Le Bon coin, Amazon, etc. In the first case, you are completely independent, while in the second, you will have to pay a commission to the reseller site.

8. Become a freelance specialist in writing, design, web development, or coding

You can start your own online business by monetizing your skills. This is the case with copywriters, developers, coders, and graphic designers. As a freelancer, it’s all about putting your skills to good use by helping people worldwide with their projects while making money.

However, you have a choice of missions that fit your schedule. Because working as a freelance does not mean committing to long-term projects that eat up all your free time. There are freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to find clients who need your services. It’s up to you to experiment with different strategies until you find the most profitable combination of services for your online business.

9. Develop mobile applications

Mobile applications are emerging more and more since the advent of the Internet. All you need is constructive and/or fun ideas for any mobile platform. However, this business asks you for some coding concepts, but not in an absolute way.

Also, many software developers want to collaborate with other people on the creation of applications. To optimize this online business, your ideas should stand out from the crowd because the application market is saturated. In other words, for your online business to be profitable, your ideas should hook the developers.


10 . WordPress site specialist

This famous software is widely used by most entrepreneurs who want to make room on the web. It has thus become a profitable online business opportunity. It consists of designing and dynamically updating websites or multimedia applications. However, mastering it requires time and learning, which remains within the realm of the possible.

11. Social media expert

A social network expert is understood to mean any person who manages a third party or company on social networks. In other words, it’s also an online business for big fans of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. They can be paid for their time spent on these networks. It is a profitable business that you can do full-time or part-time as long as you have internet access.

12. Google Ads Specialist

As the title says, it is a straightforward online business that requires certain certifications to exercise it as a profession and acquire income. The role of the specialist will be to manage the advertising campaigns of the companies.

13. After-sales service manager

Some companies leave the task of their after-sales service to freelancers who work directly from them. The task is to respond to concerns and/or questions asked by customers via email addresses or social networks. It’s a profitable business idea that you won’t find anywhere except on the internet.

14. Virtual assistant

Nowadays, some companies do not have enough resources to hire an assistant. However, they require the services of a virtual assistant. This state of affairs is becoming more and more common in the world of work.

Thanks to the creation of a multitude of companies and activities, there is a strong demand for virtual assistants ready to be hired. It would help if you were autonomous and organized to meet the desired objectives, in addition to managing calendars and organizing appointments …

15. Freelance proofreading, correction, formatting

Many companies and authors struggle with linguistic synthesis and syntax. Thanks to the internet, you have to browse the web, look for texts and articles full of errors to offer your paid services, of course!

On the other hand, you must have an outstanding intellectual level to exercise this kind of business profitable for you.   Finally, this option is also a good idea for a profitable online business.

16. Correspondent online journalist

With verve and good writing, you won’t need a journalism degree to report. Indeed, this does not prevent you in any way from being able to make your achievements. Here are some sites of information that you pay for such benefits. It’s a win-win job for both you and the hires.

This means that the more your article is read, the more money the site will earn from the advertisements attached to your post. You will be paid on a percentage basis according to their earnings. All you will need is an internet-connected device and several standout items.

17. Graphic designer

If you are a fan of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign and all brimming with creativity and ingenuity, this is an online business that will make you smile.

It is a job that requires the design of posters, flyers, logos, business cards, book covers, restaurant menus, product packaging… Finally, this option is also a good idea for a profitable online business.

18. Airbnb host

This is one of the best ideas to acquire money by renting out one of the rooms in your house. It would benefit you even more if you stay in tourist places or city centres.

19. Be a paid investigator 

It is one of the least complicated online businesses that allow you to maximize your earnings. However, patience and organization will be your best allies. A paid survey involves answering the questions according to the survey to earn money. It is very profitable as an online business, but if you are rather impatient and nervous, you will give up very quickly.

20. Data analyst

Various companies are looking for people who are quite comfortable with numbers because the data to be analyzed is full of information on customers, products, performance, etc. The work will consist of succinctly and intelligently processing these different data to strategically develop the company while being in phase with buyers’ requirements. In other words, the more new customers you bring to the business, the more money you make.

Through the multitudes of ideas mentioned above, we see that the advent of the internet has triggered a great explosion at all levels of life. It has since become an essential tool in our life, and its rise only continues to grow over time.