3 Scholarship Options You Can Apply In Canada

Canada, which attracts students from all over the world with its tolerant and multicultural structure, makes a strong impression with its welfare living standards, economic wealth, and moderate policies applied to immigrants. The country, which we know with the world’s best student cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, is one of the most preferred education destinations in the world, after America and England.

Why Should You Study in Canada?

Today, many high-quality universities provide education in petroleum engineering, medicine, computer science, and pharmacy for students who want to study in Canada. Country; With various postgraduate research, a bilingual study in English and French, and high salary options, it is a popular destination for international students.

Being one of the most livable countries in the world, Canada is home to quality universities with international recognition while serving students in more than 200 public and private institutions with a choice of approximately 10 thousand undergraduate and graduate programs. For those who want to study in Canada, the country is among the most educated countries globally, after Russia and Japan, with a literacy rate of up to 90% according to OECD reports, and more than half of the population is at least university graduates. Let’s look at the scholarship options students can apply for scholarship education in Canada, which stands out with its modern cities and stunning natural landscapes!


Which Scholarships Can You Get While Studying in Canada?


Canada is one of the best countries in the world to study and live after graduation, with both its economic wealth and a high standard of living. Although Canada is more affordable than the United States and the UK in terms of university prices, the government offers a wide range of financial support for international students.


If you want to study in Canada with a scholarship, let’s point out that there are many scholarship options, especially for students applying to a university for Canadian graduate and undergraduate degrees. However, in this highly competitive environment, you can be careful to have high grades for scholarship applications and prove your language proficiency. You can also contact the university of your choice and try to get in touch with the school’s financial aid office and research scholarship institutions in advance.

Canadian universities impress with the high-quality education standards they offer to international students coming to the country and the scholarship options they provide for talented and successful students, athletes, artists, and researchers. While scholarship amounts in Canada range from $ 2,000 to $ 20,000 per month, it can cover all or part of tuition, accommodation, and living expenses. If you are considering studying in Canada, the scholarship options in the country are divided into 3 groups;


  1. Government Scholarships
  2. University Scholarships
  3. Private Institutions


Also, undergraduate tuition fees in Canada average around 1,500 to 30,000 CAD or Canadian dollars. If you want to pursue a master’s degree in Canada, university prices in Canada are between 2,000 and 65,000 CAD. While living in Canada varies according to the city where you will study, expenses including accommodation, food and beverage, and bills go up to $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 in cities such as Montreal and Vancouver. How much are the living costs in Canada for students? We have researched for you.

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1. Can Any Student Apply For Canadian Government Scholarships?


There are several government-funded scholarships available for students seeking scholarship education in Canada. Although the tuition fees in the country are relatively lower than those in the United States, Australia, and the UK, adding living expenses can push your budget a little. That’s why you can check out the most preferred government funding options among scholarship study options in Canada.


  • NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships


Supported by the Canadian government and offered by a government body called the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the scholarships include financial support for international students considering graduate studies in natural sciences and engineering. You can use these government-provided scholarships at any university you wish to study in Canada, or you can apply directly through the university or NSERC. The awards, which are focused on developing the innovative and creative aspects of young researchers, cover a period of 2-3 years varying according to universities, while there are criteria such as completing your undergraduate and graduate studies among Canadian universities.


Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering: 1971 Nobel Prize winner in Canada’s chemistry. It is the most prestigious award for research in engineering and natural sciences in memory of Herzberg. Grants of up to $ 1 million distributed to universities can cover a period of 5 years.

NSERC Gilles Brassard Doctoral Prize for Interdisciplinary Research: The Gilles Brassard Doctoral Award is Canada’s most outstanding postgraduate scholarship. A $ 10,000 is awarded to students who pursue postgraduate studies in Canada and wish to pursue doctoral studies.


  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships


The Vanier Canada Postgraduate Scholarships are available to international doctoral students and provided by the Canadian government since 2008. Scholarship applicants seeking academic excellence, research potential, and strong leadership skills are sought after, aiming to attract successful Ph.D. students worldwide to study in Canada. More than 160 scholarships each year are awarded over a 3-year period, while you receive $ 50,000 per year in support. You must submit your applications between July and November.

2. Are There Scholarship Universities You Can Apply To In Canada?


If you are looking for college student scholarships, your primary goal should be to study in Canada because the country has many universities where you can find financial support in different programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. It is worth noting that the scholarships are generally aimed at developing the fields of science and engineering and attracting talented researchers and scientists to the country. Let’s take a look at which Canadian universities that offer scholarship opportunities to international students;


  • Carleton University


Founded in 1924, the university attracts international students from more than 140 countries. Scholarships worth more than $ 10,000 and $ 19 million each year at undergraduate and postgraduate levels have made the university the most generous educational institution in Canada. Carleton University undergraduate degree, you must have achieved 80% and above for entry scholarships. For scholarships renewed each year, if you keep your GPA GPA at 10.00 per year, you will receive up to $ 16,000 in total over 4 years. For more information, you can check out the university’s scholarship page.


  • University of British Columbia


The University of British Columbia, one of the most prestigious educational institutions globally, provides financial support worth $ 21 million every year to international undergraduate students from more than 100 different countries with high academic achievement that can make a difference in the world. For detailed information, you can check the UCB scholarship page.


  • University of Manitoba


Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba offers financial support to its international students who will apply to the school or undergraduate and graduate education, covering tuition and living expenses. The university’s scholarships, which provide excellent financial support and living standards for students seeking a Canadian study scholarship, can be found on its website.

  • University of Alberta


Founded in 1908, the University of Alberta provides financial support of $ 21 million each year to students enrolling in undergraduate and graduate programs. You can apply the scholarship fees between October and December from $ 7,000 to $ 25,000, while a student can receive multiple scholarships. You may notice the university scholarships for athletics, especially for athletes. For more information, you can visit the university’s scholarship page.


  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic


Saskatchewan Polytechnic, a public educational institution founded in 1907, has undergraduate and graduate programs, especially in engineering, medicine, and business. For those who want to study in Canada with a scholarship, you can apply to the university, which grants the same financial support to domestic and international students, 3 times a year, in April, August and December. For detailed information, you can check the university’s scholarship page. Would you like to check out which 10 universities in Canada that offer scholarships?


3. Which Institutions Provide Canadian Education Scholarships?


For most students seeking overseas scholarships, several companies and private organizations can study in Canada with scholarships. It offers international students funding support for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for study and research purposes. These aids, which are benefited by many students every year, may sometimes include special competitions. Among these, you can apply;


  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation


Trudeau Foundation Scholarships offered to postgraduate students or researchers in Canada; It offers financial support in humanities and social sciences on different issues such as human rights and dignity, responsible citizenship, Canada around the world, people, and their natural environment. You must submit your applications by December.


  • Anne Vallée Ecological Fund


The scholarships are provided for Quebec universities or the University of British Columbia in Canada; international students are given to masters or doctoral level around $ 1,500 animals in research.