Among the insurance companies, car liability is certainly one of the most widespread. Obtaining an online quote for car insurance is a time (and economic) advantage for all those individuals or families who want to save every year without neglecting the security of complete and reliable protection. On ComparaSemplice, you can compare online the best third-party liability policies for your vehicle and choose the most convenient online insurance in terms of premium cost and terms of coverage and conditions ( ceilings, deductibles, ancillary guarantees …).

ComparaSemplice allows you to compare the car policies of our partner insurance companies online and choose the cheapest price quote, with the same coverage, with or without the cost of ancillary guarantees ( theft and fire, legal assistance, Kasko, etc.).

You can trust the insurance purchased online: all the best direct insurance companies are large groups ( Tua di CattolicaQuixa di AxaGeneraliLinearGeneralZurich ConnectGenialloyd di AllianzDialogo Unipol SaiCattolica). The experience and history of these realities are fully expressed, even on the Internet, offering the same certainties as a traditional policy (the one you bought for many years in the insurance agencies in the area or from your insurance consultant), together with the great advantage of cheapest RC car premium.

The choice of the RC for your car, even before relying on the economy of the insurance premium, must take into account the actual needs of coverage and the type of use that is made of the vehicle. Only in this way, in fact, can savings be combined with the serenity of effective coverage for Civil Liability. To achieve this, fill in the quote form carefully and accurately. For insurance taken out online (as is the case with traditional RC policies), the information contained in the form completed by the insured becomes an integral part of the insurance contract signed.

As with any other type of insurance, comparing the premium to be paid is not enough to evaluate car liability policy proposals. Factors such as:

  • The ceiling: it is an element to be absolutely evaluated when comparing the estimates for the RC car. It is the maximum value that the insurance company undertakes to pay for the financial and personal damages deriving from the motor vehicle accident of the insured. The value exceeding this ceiling must be paid directly by the insured.
  • The deductible (or excess): it is the part of the damage to be borne by the insured. It is defined with a fixed amount or as a percentage. The insurance company undertakes to pay the amount that exceeds the deductible until the maximum limit is reached.

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Compare car insurance: how to calculate the RCA.

The calculation of an estimate of insurance RC car with ComparaSemplice. Requires little time. Before starting, we recommend that you have the following documents at hand, which are necessary to complete the quote request form:

  • Identity document: necessary to enter the details for the identification of the contractor.
  • Vehicle registration document: in this document, you can find the basic data for vehicle identification, such as the year of registration, the number plate, the model, the fuel supply, the displacement and the kilowatts of power.
  • Risk statement: here, you can get information such as universal merit class (CU) and other information related to your insurance history (claims in recent years, policy expiry)

We remind you that it is important to fill in the application form carefully and precisely to obtain a reliable quote and, if one of the proposed insurances is taken out, to obtain adequate coverage.

What does the motor liability insurance cover: the compulsory policy and ancillary guarantees

The coverage of a Civil Liability policy is mandatory for every motor vehicle on the road. The law requires it. When calculating a quote for the insurance to be stipulated, it is important to clarify what the compulsory RCA covers and, if necessary, to evaluate the extension of the protection with accessory guarantees.

The Civil Liability policy in the automotive sector protects the owner and driver of the vehicle from liability for financial and physical damage inflicted on third parties and deriving from the use of the vehicle.

It is necessary to underline that compulsory insurance protects the driver from accidents deriving from an accident with fault.

The calculation of the policy premium also includes the so-called ancillary guarantees (or ARD cover, Miscellaneous Auto Risks). Their inclusion is optional, but they certainly help protect the insured person, his assets and his car at 360 °.

Here are the most important (and useful) guarantees.

  • Driver’s accidents: covers the costs for accidents to the driver even in an accident with fault. It can also provide compensation for death and permanent disability.
  • Theft Fire: guarantee that intervenes in the event of theft of the vehicle or fire. The calculation of the insurance premium is based on the market value of the car after the insurance—beneficial protection for owners of new cars.
  • Glasses: in the event of breakage or damage to the windshield, windows and rear windows due to accidental causes, the insurance company reimburses the glass’s replacement or its repair.
  • Kasko: compulsory car liability does not cover damage to the vehicle of the insured if no third parties are involved in the accident.
  • Legal protection: in the most controversial cases of claims, legal costs can be substantial. This warranty covers the costs of the appraisal and the costs of necessary legal advice.
  • Roadside assistance: covers the recovery of the broken-down vehicle and the vehicle’s towing to the workshop or the service centre of the brand.
  • Natural events: damage suffered by the vehicle due to events such as hail, flood, ice or landslides are increasingly frequent. This is the guarantee to protect your car.

Which RC car online is cheaper

What is the cheapest car liability insurance? The answer is personal and must meet your protection needs (in the first instance). The economic convenience must, in fact, be measured based on the coverage offered by the insurance product.

The comparison of offers for car policies proposed by ComparaSemplice. It allows you to evaluate the different options presented by the partner insurance companies to get an overview of the most suitable products for your profile. However, it is important to think about how much and how the vehicle is used during the year. In the case of occasional or seasonal use, it is also possible to evaluate the convenience of temporary RCA insurance.

Temporary insurance: half-yearly and daily

If you only use your car for a few months of the year or only for a few days, the RCA market offers half-yearly or daily coverage solutions. Let’s deepen the topic to make you understand how temporary insurance works and to help you understand if they are the most suitable RCA for you.

  • Semi-annual RC insurance: when it comes to half-yearly RC, it is good to distinguish immediately. In fact, the same term commonly refers to annual policies with premiums spread over two semesters and to policies whose coverage is limited to one semester. In the first case, it is a classic policy with an annual expiry. Second, temporary insurance is beneficial for those who have a motorcycle or for those who use the vehicle only in certain months of the year.
  • Daily auto liability insurance: it is a policy that covers the vehicle only for a few days (typically 3 or 5). Useful in case of sporadic use of the vehicle (for example, for a weekend or a holiday with the whole family).

Temporary insurance for motorcycles or cars is useful if you are sure of the period of use of the vehicle in advance. The temporary insurance suspension service, on the other hand, is the solution for those who cannot predict when the vehicle will no longer be used for a medium-long period. This need requires a search for insurance products that provide this type of option.

Is the policy with half-yearly payment convenient?

As seen above, the policy with half-yearly payment is a classic RCA with fractional payment. When signing a policy, it may be useful to understand if this type of payment solution is convenient. The deferral can be useful if you do not want (or cannot) spend the entire sum of the premium in a single solution. However, in general, the insurance company charges the so-called splitting fees on the instalments: expenses incurred for the administrative practice of instalments. So it can be said that convenience is certainly not cheap.

What is the cheapest auto insurance?

Every motorist’s dream is to pay for his insurance as little as possible. With the TPL market opening up online, the hunt for the cheapest automobile insurance requires little effort and little time. To get an RCA quote via the web, you just need some data and a few clicks. Thanks to insurance comparators such as ComparaSemplice., the comparison of the conditions proposed by the various insurance companies do not require the intervention of an expert consultant and can be carried out at home. Thanks to the direct companies that offer RCA online, the savings are considerable.

It is also possible to take advantage of the proposals of insurance companies that offer further economic advantages or discounts on the premium if the insured proves to be a virtuous driver or collaborates in monitoring claims. This is the case of installing the black box in the car: a device capable of communicating the data collected in an accident with the insurance company headquarters and reporting the accident when it occurs.

On ComparaSemplice. you can save your estimates for the third party liability policy and compare the cheapest insurances at the most convenient conditions for you and your vehicle.

The case of insurance for historic and vintage cars

Speaking of civil liability insurance for cheaper motor vehicles, one cannot fail to mention the policies for historic and vintage cars. What types of cars can take advantage of the economic benefits of this type of insurance? In both cases, these are cars that had exceeded thirty years of life since their construction (before the 2014 stability law, 20 years were enough).

Let’s see what the characteristics that distinguish the two-car categories are.

  • Historic cars: these are cars over the age of thirty that can enjoy various advantages, such as a low premium RCA, fixed merit class and free driving (the insurance covers the car driven by up to four different drivers). There is, however, a limitation: a senior driver (over 23 years of age) must be driving the historic car.
  • Vintage cars: this type of car, in addition to having over thirty years of life, has also been cancelled from the PRA (Public Automobile Register). Despite this, they can boast a historical and collecting interest, also attested by the registration in one of the dedicated registers (such as the ASI or the FMI Historian for motorcycles). They cannot circulate on the street except on the occasion of dedicated events (demonstrations or rallies) and following the release of authorization by the competent office of the General Management of the MCTC. For vintage cars, there are special forms of insurance offered only by some companies.