Where should you start to work in the field of Digital Marketing? The goal of the Online Master in Digital Marketing weblog Ninja Academy was to try to provide answers to this question. Tools, new trends, multitasking approach and listening.

Nothing, for the Ninja Warriors who participated in the Master, will be the same as before. In fact, everyone had the opportunity to explore the distinctive aspects, functionalities and potential of the sector with the best Italian marketing and digital communication experts.

Thanks to Vincenzo Cosenza, we have opened our eyes to new horizons, indeed to new scenarios such as Micro-Moments,  Marketing Automation and Social Caring. We are back with our feet on the ground with Luca De Berardinis and SEO, but this, let’s face it, has brought us a lot of #SEOLove.

We then went down to the technical, very technical, with data analysis, main metrics, segments and dashboards by Giampaolo Lorusso. We were very content with Simone Tornabene and his advice on how to plan a content strategy and social media monitoring of Emanuela Zaccone, that yes, we just loved from the first moment.

But let’s go in order. Here are some of the key skills and knowledge we learned during the Online Master.

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1. Each of our Digital Marketing actions contributes to making the company reach a business goal

So, first of all, we need to have clear business goals. The objectives, strategies and actions of digital marketing then derive from the business objectives. Therefore, every goal must necessarily be measurable.

2. Focus on Content Marketing to win over users/customers

For a brand to be noticed in the real-time flow of content produced by users is increasingly complicated. It’s not enough to have millions of fans to get noticed, but you need to produce value for them. This value passes through the ability to create quality content, distributed only to that audience that needs it. Content Marketing is now understood not as merely tactical, but a strategic

3. Mobile Marketing has a staggering audience

The first contact occurs very often thanks to smartphone search, and about half of the visitors to our website come from mobile. But that is not all. Two-thirds of the content we publish on social media is used by a mobile terminal.

4. Create value with Monitoring

Monitoring is not a time-limited activity: it must be translated into actions, and the results of the actions themselves must be (re) measured constantly.

5. E-commerce: commerce has changed, commerce is changing, commerce will change again

The availability of eCommerce marketing tools is exploding. More than 3500 tools available in 2016. 81% of buyers search for the product online before buying, and 85% of consumers start purchasing on one device and finish it on another, but the device is not just technological.

Digital Marketing. Here’s what we can do now

Thanks to the Ninja Academy Master, we now know:

• Design and write a Digital Strategy document
• Monitor the fundamental metrics for the performance of a digital business
• Design and manage marketing activities through the Video, Content and Social Media Marketing components
• Doing Inbound Marketing through the most advanced SEO & SEM techniques, Mobile and Email Marketing
• Optimize the revenue streams of an eCommerce platform
• Recognize digital trends and transform them into new market opportunities
• Coordinate the publication of editorial plans

The Ninja Academy experience

The Ninja Academy course was not just a didactic moment, but the learning moments alternated with those of confrontation between students and with teachers.

And now?

You have to complete your education to 360 degrees and become a true Ninja of the web with an Online Master in Social Media Marketing for Ninja Academy. Now in its fifth edition, it is the first specialization Master focused on individual social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. The distinctive aspects, functionality and potential of each one will be studied in depth with the best Italian marketing and digital communication experts.