The transfer of an insurance policy from one vehicle to another occurs when one is sold or scrapped: in this case, the insurance of the “old” one can be transferred to the new one that you buy (or that you already have, of course, but without insurance coverage!). Yes, this is a simple procedure. But it can have some details that change depending on the insurance company you are a client of.

Car / Motorcycle Policy Transfer Procedure

As I mentioned previously, the “portability” of the car/motorcycle policy is only possible if you sell or scrape a vehicle and want to take the valid insurance to another. In any case, keep in mind that usually, to transfer the insurance, you must go to an insurance company office with the following documents:

  • certificate and identification of the old vehicle already insured;
  • the green card;
  • documentation certifying the sale or scrapping of the old vehicle;
  • the eventual definitive export abroad of the vehicle and the definitive cessation of circulation with the consequent return of the license plate and the booklet of the new vehicle to be insured.

PS: remember that from September 2013, the obligation of  “home insurance will be triggered, so it will be possible to operate directly from the company website, as it already happens for those who have online insurance.

Special Situations

When transferring the car/motorcycle policy from one vehicle to another, there is no single and universal procedure! There are special cases, that is …

  • If you do not want to sell the vehicle, you can more make the transfer of ownership to a cohabiting relative who is a new driver or who has the risk certificate expired for at least 3 months from the last insurance contract: thanks to the Bersani Law, the class of less onerous merit!
  • Always do not intend to sell your vehicle, or in any case, you want to keep the policy. Still, you have another means to insure (which has never been insured before), you can take advantage of another provision of the Bersani Law: in practice, you will have to suspend the insurance is still active, then you take out a new one for the new car/motorcycle / another vehicle, so you will keep the same class of merit ( the law says that you can insure two vehicles of the same owner with the same class of merit, but only if the second car was never insured! ). When you then decide to use the old vehicle again, you can reactivate the first insurance or transfer it to another vehicle that you have purchased in the meantime.

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