But how do you make money on the internet? What are the web marketing methods that allow you to really make a living from your expertise online? Have you been looking for a long time for a paid job or just something to do to round off the end of each month? Do you dream of freedom, travel, adventure, and above all, more and more income?

Eureka! Here are twenty ideas to help you make money online. These ideas are the best and, above all, the most profitable. You will not find other methods elsewhere that bring real income online. The solutions proposed here bring me several hundred thousand euros per month. You can then take your piece of cake without stinging my share. Read instead.

Start Your Online Business With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money on the internet. In short, the affiliate is all about convincing people to buy products that you have used and approved online. Every sale you make saves you money on the internet.

Simple to set up, it allows you to start by selling products without creating them. Thus, you save time and money while developing your business.

To earn a few euros a month, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is sell the products you recommend to friends and relatives on the internet. But to make a living from affiliate, you have to think strategically and bring a lot of value to the internet.

Thus, it is necessary to study the market to detect potential customers interested in your niche. Then you have to think about creating a blog, a YouTube channel, and a sales funnel (IO System, ClicksFunnel, for example) to maximize your earnings.

For affiliate marketing to really work, you need to devote some of your time to it. You have to choose the niche and the products that really interest your blog visitors. Write SEO-optimized articles to present the products well to get customers to buy.

The blog allows you to generate traffic. But you can create more traffic through Yahoo and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You can also use the power of quality comments on blogs on the same topic as you.

A tip for success in affiliation.

Consider bringing maximum value to your audience. Don’t join just to make money on the internet. Think about helping your community first, and they will be happy to reward you by following your affiliate links.

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Sell ​​your skills on the internet by writing an e-book


If you have a nice pen, then write e-books to make money on the internet. To maximize your chances of reaching more customers online, you need to ensure the quality of your e-books. As such, mastery of the themes of your books which can be published on the internet, is required.

I advise you to write on topics which interest Internet users and which have enormous commercial potential. Just look at what is selling well on the internet by analyzing ebook sales sites.

I have two friends who, when they started their online business, used this method to make money. It worked well for them! But that is not enough to make a big fortune. My friends subsequently explored other methods to increase their income on the internet.

Or sell your e-books on the internet?

There are sites like Gumroad, Amazon, Clickbank, or even 1tpe where you can put them up for sale. Registration on these sites is completely free, but they will charge you a commission on each sale.

By offering interesting training, you will undoubtedly be contacted by buyers.

With these sites helping newbies to sell their ebooks and make money online, you are going to take advantage of the traffic that already exists. You will also benefit from the thousands of sellers (commonly referred to as affiliates) registered on these sites. They will help you sell your ebooks to earn money on the internet.

Coach and support clients

Yes. Coaching is a great way to make money on the internet. You just have to support your customers and help them get good results fast. As a coach, you can offer your clients support over a given period.

The goal is to help your customers avoid mistakes in an area that you know how to do. If you are an internet business coach, your clients must set up their business quickly. If you are a sports coach, you should be able to lose weight or get abs.

I personally do coaching, and I support my clients in setting up the basics of their internet business.

Once their internet business is installed, they collect hundreds of euros per month after developing it. They are happy, and I am also happy: It’s a win-win. You can also do coaching if you have the skills!

Develop a YouTube channel and monetize it

Creating and running a thematic YouTube channel is one of the best ways to make money online. You ask me how? You will need to post copyrighted videos to your channel regularly.

It is important to ensure the quality of the videos to collect the maximum number of views. The more visitors your YouTube channel receives, the more you will be paid. You must then develop the audience of your YouTube channel.

But it doesn’t all end there, as you have to monetize your channel either with advertising or with affiliate or selling your own products.

If you are interested in advertising, you must go through the “Creator Studio” menu of your YouTube account. Indeed, the monetization of the account will make you a partner of YouTube. This allows you to strengthen your skills to attract more visitors to your channel.

Create a blog around his passion and monetize it

Many people now know how to make money on the internet with a blog. But very few people get there because, between the creation of your blog and the monetization, there is what is called crossing the desert. Follow successful web marketing articles to learn more on the subject.

When creating your blog, you have to think about how to make money. Here you have the option of setting up a blog to promote your business. Don’t wait until you have a blog with traffic to think about how to monetize it.

This is a mistake that many newbie web entrepreneurs make. Blogging for entertainment is out of the question! Monetization aims to generate more qualified traffic and income.

There are several techniques for monetizing a blog. It all depends on the type of blog you want to start.

With your blog, you can earn money on the internet through advertising. In fact, it will take work not only to have more visitors to your blog but also to retain them. As soon as this is done, there are several methods available to you to make money with your blog. You can use the blog to:

  • market physical products that interest your visitors,
  • sell digital products such as resume and e-book templates,
  • sell services (web writing, consulting, etc.),
  • sell affiliate products,

Become a freelancer and work from home

The freelance is an independent worker in a specific field. On the internet, you can find several activities that correspond to freelancing.

You can become a freelance web editor, virtual assistant, or internet designer to earn money on the internet!

So if you have writing skills, you won’t run out of clients on the internet. Just think about cultivating yourself on the SEO optimization rules to properly process article orders. Register on platforms such as 5euros, freelancer, and Codeur to get orders for items.

There are also online news agencies where you can produce news headlines and videos. These agencies will pay you on a freelance basis. I have several freelance journalist friends who make a living with this method. If you have the skills, why not give it a try too!

As a freelancer, you can do a lot of other things online and earn money. It’s not just web writing and journalism!

Several jobs are available online for freelance: competitor surveys for sites or brands, translation of texts, reading e-mails, proofreading, etc.

As a freelance, you carry out your jobs from your home. The means you will need to get started basically boil down to a computer and a good internet connection.

Become a remote virtual assistant

On the internet, you can do virtual assistantship to earn money. How come? For example, there are many heads of companies and organizations who, because they are overwhelmed, feel the need to be assisted.

They realize, in fact, the need to delegate certain tasks (of their companies) to concentrate on the essentials to be done. And this is where the work of a virtual assistant really makes sense.

The entrepreneur will seek your services as a virtual assistant when faced with an enormous workload that only his employees can not accomplish.

There are more and more requests for an assistantship on the internet. Virtual assistance allows the business manager to fill the void left by certain employees who have gone on vacation. Thus, the summer period is a peak period when the workload becomes difficult to ensure in the absence of vacationing employees.

The virtual assistant is paid the hour, the month, or according to the employment contract that he would have signed. It’s a straightforward job that can be done from your home and anywhere in the world.


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