Despite the recent innovations introduced in the insurance field, car liability rates continue to be very high compared to the European average.

However, one of the most used practices to defend against this increase and contain costs is to take out insurance online.

Although many are still sceptical of this method, preferring traditional channels, many others have chosen to take out insurance online, obtaining significant savings on TPL.

Let’s see in detail what are the advantages that this choice entails for the motorist.

1. Economic Savings

In a period of economic downturn like ours, the main advantage of online insurance is undoubtedly the containment of expenses, with reductions that can reach up to 70% compared to the prices of traditional companies, as there are no costs of management and brokerage.

2. Time-saving

Another undoubted advantage of online insurance is the considerable time savings they guarantee.

In fact, this procedure will prevent the motorist from physically going to the company headquarters for the underwriting and renewal of the car policy.

3. Convenience of the Procedure

Since it is an online operation, the subscription of this policy has the undoubted advantage of being able to be carried out directly from home or from any other place where there is a PC and an internet connection.

4. Variety of the Offer

Another point in favour is the variety of the offer since, with online comparators, it is possible to compare dozens of estimates in a few minutes and choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Personalization of the Offer

Finally, the opportunity of customization should not be underestimated: while traditional insurances often have standard offers, online insurance allows choosing which options to include in the contract in absolute transparency.

However, despite the indisputable advantages, there are still some prejudices for subscribing to insurance online: one among them, the lack of direct and reassuring contact with an agent “in the flesh”. However, this mistrust is often unjust!

Today, taking out insurance online is simple and safe: once you have made your choice, all the necessary documentation will arrive by post, just like traditional insurance companies.

Not to mention that the customer has toll-free numbers to call 24 hours a day for any doubt or clarification.