SEO is a prevalent practice on the internet, especially for reasons of visibility. Many sites use natural referencing to allow their content to reach as many people as possible. However, since the advent of affiliation, several content creators want to combine sales and referencing to generate more income: SEO affiliation. What is SEO, and how to optimize it with affiliate?

SEO Affiliation: What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO, which is still called natural referencing, is an activity aimed at raising a site to the top of the various results on Google. SEO is the direct opposite of SEA, which is Search Engine Advertising. Indeed, the SEA requires payment at the level of Google Ads in return for a sponsored positioning at the top of the page.

In the long term, SEO is essential because it generates qualified visitors to the site that uses it. It’s also easy to know that SEO is a pretty virtuous circle. But, it will be necessary to be interested in the Google algorithm to better understand the concept.

How does natural referencing (SEO) work?

How SEO works is pretty straightforward. When a user types in a query on Google using keywords, many sites appear on the search result page. The referencing is not absolute but rather relative. The positioning of a site, therefore, depends entirely on the quality of its reference against the competition.

The keywords are often short and simple. For example, “backpack” can also be composed of a simple snippet of phrase. However, there are also searches for long trains such as “black backpack for a trip” and the like. It is easier and more logical to position yourself on a long-tail query because when your query is precise, fewer competitors will seek to position themselves on it.

The goal of Google is actually to provide users with content that has consistency and quality. Regarding the quality of the content, it takes into account several criteria, including the presence of texts, images and videos on the page and also the speed at which this page loads. This also takes into account the behaviour of visitors when they are on your site.

How important is SEO?

Many companies or brands understand the need for SEO for their websites. The objective of natural referencing is to improve or increase the trust placed in you by Google and also by your Internet users. This improves your visibility in search engines. There are several advantages of using SEO. Among them, we can cite:

  • Organic traffic is a primary source of traffic for websites;
  • SEO helps strengthen the credibility of a business;
  • SEO optimization provides a good experience for your users;
  • Natural referencing makes it possible to improve local referencing;
  • SEO is not expensive;
  • Doing SEO allows you to closely follow your competitors …

However, it is possible to make an affiliation with Seo.

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SEO affiliation: How to proceed?

To monetize your site to generate passive income, there is a fairly well-known method which is an affiliate. Nevertheless, it requires a long and good reflection beforehand. In fact, the membership fee depends exclusively on the products or services selected and the ability to properly promote them.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to understand the concept of affiliation.


What is affiliation?

Affiliation is a straightforward concept: when a person contributes to the sale of a product or a service belonging to a company, he receives in exchange a commission which represents the remuneration.

It is, in fact, a method that allows brands to boost their sales by relying on affiliate networks. Affiliate networks, therefore, earn money, which at the same time allows them to make their site or blog profitable.

The commission rate is not stable, which actually means that it is variable. In affiliation, there is a multitude of products and services; commissions vary from 1 to over 50%. But, this is essentially based on the nature of the product, the service or its price.

How does affiliate selling work?

Affiliate marketing is like a network where you bring business. Indeed, affiliate partners recommend your various offers to their audience, taking commissions in exchange when they conclude sales or concrete actions. It is thus a business whose operation is based on performance. The affiliate partner will not receive a commission until the affiliate receives a remunerative action. But is this an invention of the internet?

Not really, but this business model is mainly developed on the internet. It dates back to the 90s when the popular e-commerce site Amazon first set up this promotion system. France only became aware of this in the 2000s.

But above all, it is important to know what SEO is.

SEO Affiliation: What is it?

For e-commerce players, good optimization of the various search engines can have a perfect impact on your income. You must necessarily generate traffic to sites or pages containing offers to make sales. However, there are mainly two ways to achieve this;

  • pay for traffic (Google Adwords, for example);
  • get the traffic for free, which will mean SEO.

Obtaining a good SEO is quite easy to say but more or less complex to do. However, you will see several publications on the internet that can help you improve your rankings. But what many ignore in this context is how affiliate can help hone your SEO. In the same vein, several website players are wondering how to optimize affiliation with natural referencing.

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How can we optimize the affiliation with SEO (SEO)?

There are many people out there who really can’t make affiliate and SEO work the way they should. When the rankings of these people’s websites drop, they hold the affiliate links accountable. However, the solution was to simply revisit their various efforts regarding search marketing and optimize that with their various efforts regarding affiliate.

If you may not know it, affiliate and SEO have a common goal which is to drive traffic. This traffic is intended to be of high quality and relevant to a site so that the various visits ultimately turn into sales. There is, therefore, no competition between the two, except to be complementary. This is the reason why affiliate and SEO must come together in a balanced way to generate more income. A well-done SEO is a big boon for your various affiliate efforts.

The most important thing is taking a strategic approach to successfully optimize these two efforts.

Here are four ways to optimize affiliation and SEO (SEO).

How to find a profitable niche?

One of the main reasons affiliate and SEO can contradict each other is that some people try to sell multiple things from different product categories. In this case, it is really complicated to optimize SEO and affiliate.

Indeed, by proceeding in this way, it would be difficult for you to attract a well-targeted audience to your site. You might be ranking quite high with a product’s keyword. However, it will be difficult for you to attract customers and visitors to all the other products you have.

Instead of wanting to promote everything simultaneously, you can just focus on two profitable niches. It’s a little tricky at this level because despite choosing niches that you know, that knowledge may not be profitable.

So you need to do some research beforehand on the profitability of your niches. If you are good at fashion, you will do fashion affiliate by choosing a profitable niche.

To do the research, you can turn to the sources responsible for listing the affiliate programs that make the most money.

To this end, it is important to revise or revise the keyword strategy.

SEO Affiliate: The Keyword Strategy

If you want to optimize SEO affiliation, that would mean you already have some SEO knowledge. It is therefore no longer necessary to dwell on the importance of keywords. We, therefore, recommend that you review the keyword strategy.

Indeed, your work will have to focus on keywords that have a high search volume but which do not turn out to be extremely competitive. You will also need to focus on keywords with a long tail to be precise. In this case, you must use Google Keyword Planner. Other tools will help you with keyword planning.

Example of tools to better plan keywords

For example, you have Google Trends, which is a perfect option. Here you will have a clear overview of the various changes of interest regarding your niche. This tool also allows you to filter the result by category, region and period. You will be able to get an overview of a few terms related to your niche and grow in popularity. This will allow you to quickly get ideas on the relevant keywords to target.

AnswerThePublic is a great tool that lets you discover various long-tail keyword ideas. You will get an overview of the different queries that are not only popular but also related to your niche or topic. Thus, this will allow you to have some ideas about keywords to create new content.

Now you need to move on to optimizing the content of your website.

Optimizing the content of your website

When your content has high quality, it is the direct option of a successful SEO technique. It also converts and redirects Internet users to affiliate sites. This allows you to update existing content or create a new one.

You will therefore have to use the previously selected keywords to offer content. When the keywords have a high search rate, this automatically guarantees that Internet users will do searches associated with the theme. This will allow you to gain visibility in the various search results. When your content is relevant, it becomes easier to redirect internet users to your affiliate site.

Besides, it is important to create some links to increase the authority of your site.


SEO Affiliate: Link Building To Increase Website Authority

We all know that creating top quality backlinks improves a site’s authority. It is the same for its ranking at the level of search engines. This allows you to combine your affiliate marketing with your link building efforts to get backlinks from sites relevant to your niche products.

You can also generate social signals just by multiplying shares of your content. That will definitely not be enough, especially if you want to generate a lot more income.

You can also try guest posting. It can provide access to an established audience from a relevant and authoritative site. This will therefore help you to generate good traffic to your affiliate site.

For your guest post to be correct, you need to be sure that you are creating valuable content. Your content must therefore be relevant to your target audience. Guest messages must be of impeccable and exceptional quality in terms of information, writing and readability. This will allow you to gain authority and generate income based on the relevance of your posts.

What can we remember?

SEO and affiliate marketing can be optimally optimized if you balance your strategies and efforts well. These tips can help you optimize these two aspects to propel your digital business. All you need is a little experimentation and practice to balance them properly. There is an affiliate SEO software that can help you in this direction as well. You can also explore several other options, for example, using pro affiliate reviews.