Your company sells its know-how, expertise or creativity. You also have a unique method or technicality of methods. Also, your customers buy from you your ability to solve their problems, meet their challenges and achieve their goals. But on your side, your days and weeks are busy. This, because they are not expandable. Under these conditions, how can you increase your turnover without exploding into burn-out? How to increase your margin without lowering quality How to make your transition without losing your current clientele The high ticket affiliation appears to be an answer to your problems.

What is a high ticket item?

These are products or services that have a high price and have great value. These items offer high value to those who buy them. Among these high ticket items, we can find high-quality bicycles, jewellery, cars etc. A high ticket item can be services like training, coaching, or webinars.

It can also be any service or product costing over $ 1000 that provides great value to buyers. In general, high ticket items are the profitable ones. This is why many people go into selling high ticket items because you can quickly reach your goal on a small scale.

There are, however, several high ticket funnels. Here are some examples.

Some examples of high ticket funnel

If you want to promote your business and start selling high ticket items, here are 03 high ticket funnel examples to model for your business.

  1. At the launch, the demand and interest in the vehicle were really high. So this allows Tesla to set up pre-orders for the vehicle with a very brilliant belly funnel method. This is also the most successful product launch. Here are some steps of the funnel:

Step 1: Register for the webinar

Potential clients should first choose a webinar page. This, to know more about the car launch event.

Step 2: Landing page of the live webinar

Prospects are redirected to a webinar playback page when it is life.

Step 3: payment page

Once the live webinar is over, prospects are redirected to click a button to take them to a payment form. They then make a deposit of $ 1000 to reserve their pre-order.


Trek Bikes sells their premium bikes for up to $ 12,000. He has a variety of cycling. Here is its funnel:

Step 1: landing page

When a potential customer begins the checkout process after arriving at the landing page, they receive follow-up emails encouraging them to buy.

Step 2: Follow-up emails after cart abandonment

Trek Bikes sends emails to the prospect, inviting them to come back to their website and add a specific bike to the cart.


The sales funnel for Michael Rozbruch’s CPA training program is valued at $ 1,500. Here’s how this example high ticket funnel is structured:

Step 1: Webinar registration page

He ran a live webinar training so he could get people interested in his product launch. Also, he uses emails, affiliates to his list and Facebook ads to promote the webinar. Several people have registered.

Step 2: Thank you page with product offer.

This page for his registration to the training is more than a simple courtesy. It includes a unique press and releases template offering. Among those who signed up for the free training, nearly 150 customers took advantage of the offer.

Step 3: Automated tracking

To generate interest ahead of the event, his team sent out 11 follow-up emails in three weeks. When a customer decides to move closer to the event, they receive more emails in a shorter period of time than customers who signed up earlier.

How it is the funnels mentioned above find high ticket products?

How do I find legitimate high ticket dropshipping products?

Knowing which products to sell is the most important decision. Some high ticket products are easier to sell than others. Several wholesalers and suppliers exist in the world for dropshipping. However, you must be careful because the wrong choice can negatively promote your sales site. First of all, you must think about the theme of the products you want to sell. Here are some tips for finding the perfect product:

  • Avoid certain products: Certain items should be avoided in dropshipping. This will depend on your, but generally, food products, cosmetics, electronics, bulky products and finally, baby products are to be avoided.
  • Choosing a niche: You should avoid being a generalist. For this, you must focus on a theme and also create a niche business site that targets customers.
  • Look for trending products: To choose a product that will appeal to customers, you must play on the trend. So follow the news and consult trending sites. You will find a lot of product ideas.

To make affiliation with high ticket products, it is necessary to know its definition.

What is high ticket affiliation?


High ticket affiliation is the kind of affiliation you make by selling perfect quality products or services at high prices. To find an affiliate technique that pays the most, consider selling high ticket products. You are well aware that it is easier to sell 2 products for 1000 € than to sell a 2 € product to 1000 people. The price is not the thing but rather the search for customers.

It is much easier to find 2 customers than to find 1000. If you have understood this, then you have understood the basis of high ticket affiliation. In other words, it is the process of selling expensive products or services to earn high commissions.

Knowing how to sell high ticket products and services is also important to earn large commissions.

How to sell products at high prices?

There is a lot of potential for upping your monthly and even annual income growth with high ticket products or services. The problem is, it’s hard to get leads with high ticket items. Because this needs tactics that are different from low priced products. However, several techniques exist to successfully sell high ticket products. Must, therefore :

You focus on the needs and target those in need.

You can quickly sell your high ticket products by targeting a group of people and offering them the products they need. Also, with home sales of health products, you can earn attractive commissions. You can also use social networks, integrate forums and read comments from participants. Write down the products you want and explain how your product will help them.

Find expensive hobbies

Browse the hobbies that are associated with high cost. You will find services like: guitarists, cyclists; divers; skiers; etc … A lot of people like to spend on their favourite hobby. This method works well when you are an enthusiast yourself and have mastered the hobbies.

Find trending items or gadgets.

Take your time digging through niche forums while keeping an eye out for participant demand. As soon as you notice that a need or product appears very frequently, do some research to determine its general interest. You can use Google trends to see if a product is trending. Also, don’t overlook other sources of information like the Amazon Movers and Shakers list. You can also see what’s trending on social media.

Why then go into affiliation with high ticket products?

Why make a high ticket affiliation?

By making the affiliation high ticket,

  1. You can charge even more;
  2. You will increase your turnover without increasing your traffic. It should be remembered that to sell for 3000 euros per month, it will be difficult for you to sell a product of 30 euros to 100 customers than a product of 1500 euros to 2 customers.
  3. You will make money that you can then use in the partnership with community manager developers, webs, copywriters, SEO experts or in advertising.
  4. You can now make time to monitor the progress of your project or start another project.

Best product categories

When choosing high ticket items for delivery, it is important to know what kind of products you are looking for online. Being an already established dropshipper at a niche level, you can try to find products that have great value. You also need to determine which products relate to the products you are already selling. On the other hand, if you are new to dropshipping, to find high ticket products to sell, simply visit the most popular dropshipping categories. Here are the best High Ticket product categories of 2019

  • electric bikes, bicycles, and bike racks
  • home improvement products or furniture
  • Digital cameras and camera accessories
  • Home theatre equipment
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive accessories and equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Art and statuary
  • Drones and model aeroplanes

High Ticket Closing: What is it?

This is indeed one of the professional skills that help influencers and businesses shut down their premium products and services through a phone. It is, therefore, a qualified professional who can work with these influencers and these companies to double or even triple their sales. So, to go to the next level, it is important to close the products. It is thanks to the rainmakers that income is generated as well as the high success rates.

They are also the ones who transform services and products into profits and also into value. So, closures can help save a lot of money and bring a lot of value to businesses. This does not mean that closing is easy. Learning how to close high ticket sales, however, takes a lot of effort and practice. You also need a good state of mind.

How to become a high ticket closer?

Becoming a high ticket closer is not for everyone looking for a get-rich-quick opportunity. Closers are, first and foremost, highly qualified professionals. These have undergone intense mental conditioning and training. The right place to start and also learn good tactics and skills is Dan Lok’s program. There are some advantages to being a high ticket closer.

Some advantages of being a closer ticket

  • It does not involve overhead costs

Farmers have no fees for spending. It is the entrepreneurs who take these changes into account. Also, the farmers do not have to advertise or get started in managing a site or a store. All they have to do is call the prospects and engage with them. Influencers and businesses, on the other hand, take care of marketing and how to gain new leads.

  • No product

However, the products or stock do not need to be managed by closures. So there is no need to worry about inventory control and program execution. Farmers don’t have to worry about shipping or storage.

  • Low technology

In internet development or specialized skills, there is no need for skills. Closures then just need a phone and also a computer to do the job. This will mean that farmers do not need to invest a lot in special tools, infrastructure or gadgets to do their jobs.

  • No cold calls

Relatives only speak to customers or prospects who have come forward to purchase a product or service. It is not important to talk to indifferent people and to make a lot of phone calls.

  • Happier customers

Your potential customers are now ready to purchase the product. Closures should then only assess their needs and only close when the services or products meet their needs. So customers are always happy and will say “Thank you” for it.

What can we remember?

You can, however, sell your high ticket products or services that cost you over $ 1,000 per item. But it’s impossible to use all funnel methods to convert your site visitors into buyers. When you sell high ticket items, your funnel may be slightly different from other companies that sell less expensive products. However, you can create a high converting funnel regardless of the price of your offer.