A Street Accident Paragraph For All class student

A Street Accident Paragraph: A street accident has become a common incident in Bangladesh. We can find the news of road accidents every day in the dailies. The day before yesterday I had a very sad experience of a street accident. I was going to the State Bank Colony. When I reached the main gate of the colony enclosure, I heard a scream behind my rickshaw, and taking back I found that a schoolboy was trying to cross the road, while a speedy truck was just a few yards off the boy. Before the boy could cross the road, the truck came on.

Perhaps the truck driver did not see the boy earlier. When the boy screamed, the driver made a desperate attempt to save the boy. But all in vain. The boy was crushed under the wheels of the truck. The truck stopped and people from nearby shops crowded the spot. The injured boy was taken up from the pool of blood on the road. A gentleman offered his car to rush the boy to Medical College Hospital. In the evening, I came to learn that the boy breathed his last in the hospital.

A Road Accident Paragraph / A Street Accident Paragraph :

Nowadays a street accident has become a very common incident/affair in towns and cities in Bangladesh. It is one of the major problems here. Every day we can see many dangerous street accidents in newspapers and on TV screens. I have also witnessed a serious street accident. Last Sunday a terrible road accident took place just before my eyes at 4 pm.After college, I was returning home along the college road on foot. Then a little boy was trying to cross the busy road. At the same time, a cruel
bus was coming at high speed.

The driver tried his best to control the speed but he failed. The cruel bus ran over the innocent boy and fled away. At once I ran to the spot and found the boy lying in a pool of blood.I took him to Serail Upazila Health Complex by taxi. But it is regretful that the wounded boy passed away on the way to the hospital. I had come to know that he was a bright student of class nine of Shahbajpur High School in Sarail Upazila. I returned home with a heavy heart. Careless and reckless driving is the principal cause of street accidents in our country. Public unawareness is another main cause of a road accident. Both the drivers and the passers-by must follow traffic rules properly in order to overcome(avoid)road accidents.

A Street Accident I Have Witnessed :

Last Sunday, I witnessed a tragic road accident. It took place near our school. There is a turning point there. It is a traffic point of five roads. Now and then there happens a traffic jam. On that day, while I was going to school, I saw a car coming from the western direction. A rickshaw with a schoolboy and his mother was coming from the opposite direction at about 8:30 am. While crossing the point, the car hit the rickshaw. The rickshaw-puller jumped from his seat but the boy and his mother fell on the road. The
boy and his mother were seriously wounded. I rushed to them. Some other passers-by also came forward to help them. We took them to a nearby doctor’s chamber.I felt pity for the schoolboy who was hurt severely. In fact, for having no traffic police at that place, such accidents frequently occur. The authority should take steps to stop road accidents.