A village Doctor paragraph in English

A village doctor Paragraph

writes a paragraph on “A village Doctor”. Your A village Doctor paragraph should include the answers to the following question :
a. Who is a village doctor?
b. Where does a village doctor live?
c. Where does he sits?
d. What is his qualification?
e. How is his dispensary?
f. How does he treat his patients?
g. What kinds of medicine are available in his dispensary?
h. What role does he play in the rural areas?
i. How is his position in society?

A Village Doctor paragraph: A village doctor is he who offers/gives medical treatment to the village people. A village doctor is a very useful and important person in a village. Village life can not be thought of without the noble service of a village doctor. He is a very common figure in our rural areas. He is commonly known as a quack. He is a very popular person to the villagers. Generally, a village doctor lives in a rural area. He leads a very ordinary life. He has no pride. A village doctor does not have any good medical degree in medical science. He has a little qualification in his medical profession but he has got a good experience on medical science by working under a qualified doctor.

He is very hardworking, kind, co-operative, careful. He gets up at dawn and opens his dispensary in the morning. He has a small dispensary with a few medicines and furniture. He visits his patients with great care. He never demands any fees. He renders free treatment to poor patients. Sometimes, he goes house to house to see his serious patients. Only the common and cheap medicines are available in his poor dispensary. An ideal village doctor holds a very good position. Every Body respects and loves him from the heart. He is a great friend to the villagers. He does a great good service to the rural people.