A Traffic Police Paragraph for students

A Traffic Police paragraph: A traffic police is a familiar Figure in a city. Traffic police control the movements of people and vehicles on the roads. He puts on a uniform. It consists of khaki trousers, a blue shirt, and a white helmet. He uses a white umbrella to protect himself from the scorching heat of the sun and heavy shower. Some of them use microphone to control heavy traffic jams. Traffic police stand on the islands and street corners to control traffic jams and to watch over the movement of vehicles.

He raises his hand to stop the movement of the vehicles. Again when he lowers down his hand the movement of the vehicles and people starts to walk. Sometimes traffic police check the necessary papers of the drivers and the vehicles. He even punishes those who violate the traffic rules. He often helps children, women, and old men to cross the road. He is a friend to the urban people. In fact, traffic police play an important role to ensure the security of people on the roads.